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ostend pirates

Play-offs Ostend Pirates

Play-offs Ostend PiratesAfter this Sunday we have secured our place in the play-offs. It is the 4th time in a row the Ostend Pirates can compete for the Belgian Title in the play-offs. As a 2 times semi-finalist and 1 time winner of the Belgian Bowl, I can say this was the hardest run we ever […]

plant based recovery

The secret of plant based sport nutrition in recovery

The secret of plant based sport nutrition in recoveryEating healthy has always been an issues for top athletes. The last years, vegetarian and vegan nutrition has become more popular among sportsmen. Is this a trend that will simply blow over or is this an important step in our wellbeing? However, it is already clear that […]

Carbohydrates for endurance athletes

Why endurance athletes need carbohydrates the whole dayYour body needs energy and that energy comes from carbohydrates. Carbohydrates is our most important source of energy. You can even say that they are the fuel for an athlete’s body. That is the reason why they are the basis of every sports nutrition.   Why do athletes […]

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