How to make sure the North Pole freezes up again

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Every year in summer, the ice of the North Pole sea melts. Every year the amount of melting ice increases. Every year in winter, the melted ice freezes up again. This year, the sea around the North Pole doesn’t freeze up.


Changes on the North Pole are global changes

A lot of scientist worry about this fact. At the moment, it is 20 degrees warmer on the North Pole than normally. This alarming development is due to the global warming. The climate warms up, the ice melt which makes that the warming speeds up, which makes that the ice melt faster, etc.

One of the global consequences of the current situation on the North Pole is the sea level that, following experts will rise 1 meter over the next century. By the rise of the sea level, the risk of floods, landslides and soil subsidence increases too.


Helping Mother Earth

What can you do to hold back the global warming? Even with some small changes of you daily routine, the climate stands to benefit from it. Below we put together some tips and tricks to help Mother Earth.

  • Take a shower instead of a bath. For a shower you use less than half of the water you use for a bath.
  • Buy fresh products. The use of energy for deep-fried products is immense. Next to the gasses they use during the production of these products, the temperature in which they are stored are very energy-intensive.
  • Try to vary meat dishes with meat replacement products. Livestock farming causes a high a very high amount of greenhouse gases and have an considerable impact on the environment.
  • Keep the lid on the pan while cooking. You meal cooks faster because the heat stays in the pan and you don’t have to put the extractor in the highest mode.
  • Use the car as less as possible. If you need a car, choose a hybrid or electric one or start carpooling.
  • Decrease the amount of waste. Buy products with a minimum amount of plastic of other packaging. Take always a shopping bag with you so you don’t have to buy a plastic bag in the shop. Separate your waste in domestic waste, paper, glass, organic waste, plastic and metal.


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